Should Canada continue as constitutional monarchy? No says the majority Canadians

8th December 2021 – In a modern-day society and in the 21st century, constitutional monarchy and other colonial-period-style political and government arrangements are becoming less relevant and far less popular. Few days back, Barbadians have set an example of moving a step closer to de-colonization as they parted ways with the Queen.

In the ever-changing world order, the question of constitutional monarchy has once again sprung up in front of the Canadian society. A new study conducted by Angus Reid Institute found that more than half (52%) of the Canadians feel that Canada should no longer remain as constitutional monarchy. Only 25% of the respondents feel that it should continue to be so.

However, a majority of the respondents (55%) feel that they are comfortable with the present arrangement with the Queen. The report also concluded that many Canadians feel that they have a greater connection with the Queen and not necessarily the institution which she represents.

The fact that Barbados has now become a republic is having a ripple effect on other commonwealth nations. In 1999, Australia held a failed referendum to decide on being republic and quitting monarchy. Still, the demand for moving towards another referendum is gaining momentum after the Barbadian episode. Locally, in Canada, it is bound to have an impact, but how soon would that be is yet to be seen.

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