Barbados turns into republic; moves one big step towards de-colonization

3rd December 2021 – The Caribbean nation, Barbados, has officially parted ways from Queen and British monarchy and has declared itself as a republic. The nation has taken one big step towards de-colonization.

Barbados remained a British colony and its natives had to suffer from bondage and slavery for over 400 years. It was one of the Britain’s first colony and was used for slave trade. After its independence from Britain in 1966, it remained a constitutional monarchy and served its allegiance to the Queen.

In an overnight ceremony in the nation’s capital, Bridgetown, Dame Sandra Mason was sworn in as the President. She has now replaced Queen Elizabeth as the head of the state. The ceremony was attended by thousands of people and it coincided with country’s 55th independence anniversary. The event was attended by Prince of Wales and pop star Rihanna, who was declared as the national hero.

Blacks constitute over 90% of the Barbadian population and a little over 1% population is of Barbadian Hindus. Barbados can now become a role model of many nations who suffered from slavery and imperialism and yet part of the constitutional monarchy.

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