Akshaya Patra Foundation Now in Canada

22nd March 2023 – The Akshaya Patra Foundation is now in Canada! We are the largest mid-day meal program in the world feeding over 2 million kids each day in India. It is our mission to end classroom hunger and the cycle of poverty.

Diving in a little deeper into who the Akshaya Patra Foundation is, our vision is that no child should be deprived of education due to hunger. Meals are served to children in 22,367 schools across 15 states and 2 Union Territories in India. There are currently 66 innovative kitchens that have a world class operational method that distributes these hot and nutritious meals to the kids who need them most.

This is done through 800+ innovative custom-built trucks to keep the food fresh and hot. Akshaya Patra employees’ consists of 7,300 men and women. 30% of the workforce is comprised of women to help end the cycle of poverty and allow the children to stay in school for a brighter future.

With over 4 billion meals served, our experience leads us to incredible results including us achieving the coveted Gandhi Peace Prize.

We want to create awareness about the life-changing work that we are doing. Please consider helping us create donations. It only takes $25 Canadian to feed a child for an entire school year, a shocking figure that I think most Canadians would find hard to believe. You now can make such a difference using your Canadian Dollar. We are looking forward to growing in Canada to the levels we are at in the UK and USA.

Be sure to head over to https://tapfca.org/ to learn about how you can make a difference today!

Visit us at https://tapfca.org/ or you can email or call us at contact@tapfca.org and 437-293-6514.


This is a sponsored article by Ashaya Patra Foundation Canada.

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