“Hindu Society is a gold mine full of potential” – Canadian Hindu Chamber of Commerce


7th February 2022 – Last month, on the auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti, Canadian Hindu Chamber of Commerce (CHCC) came into existence. It is a brilliant initiative taken by the Canadian Hindu entrepreneurs and businesses to assist their bretheren. Hindu Times Canada reached out to the team of CHCC and asked them some questions on how do they intend to work for the community.

1) What are the main objectives of CHCC?

CHCC is the first Chamber of Commerce in Canada to be dedicated to the unification of Canadian Hindus and their economic interests. Hindus have long been the backbone of the Canadian Economy despite never having unified and effective representation. Hindu have over 100 years of history in Canada and the community has become very diverse today. This diversity is seen in the different economic status of Canadian Hindus who range from new immigrants to multimillionaires and well reputable professionals. This diversity is also seen through various nationalities and backgrounds of Canadian Hindus that range from Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka to Trinidad, Guyana and South Africa. This very diverse community is a gold mine full of potential that can create prosperity for all of Canada. The main objective of CHCC will be to unite Hindus by connecting one to another.

2) How is CHCC planning to reach out to Canadian Hindus?

CHCC is planning a wide range of events, programs and functions that cater to the needs of every different type of Hindu in this country. Examples of various events but not limited to are, trade shows, seminars, fairs, annual gala, panel discussions, business tours etc. CHCC will also look to bring trade and business delegations to and from Canada. Long term we will be working on a Business Magazine, a directory for the community and annual awards to recognize the contribution and achievements of Hindu- Canadians improve cooperation between Hindus.

3) How do you plan to assist new entrepreneurs or someone who wants to start a new business in Canada?

We want to connect new entrepreneurs or startups with established professionals and entrepreneurs through mentorship initiatives. This connection will help both sides and increase networking.  We will also look to organize information sessions or seminars on topics relevant to them which can help make their startups a big success.

4) What kind of services would CHCC offer specifically for Canadian Hindu students?

Canadian Hindu students will be benefited through mentorship initiatives which will help them with their entrepreneurship and professional careers. Experience is the biggest need for Canadian Hindu students.

5) Are you going to provide any legal/economic/financial assistance to Canadian Hindu businesses? If yes, what range of services could be expected?

Not currently, maybe in the future.

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Narender BediFebruary 7, 2022 at 9:18 amReply

Some people in India and Canada do not like PM Modi, on asking they do not have any specific reason, will just say something ashtrays.
Seminars might help

Soma ShekharOctober 29, 2022 at 4:18 pmReply

Indian PM, Modiji is the Greatest PM, India ever had , as for as Hindu Revival and resurgence of Indian Nationalism.

Like or dislike – does not matter. The National Interest is always first.
No need to give any justification., for bringing back Glory and greatness of Hindu civilization.
Proud Hindu.
Vande Mataram. 🙏💐💐

Soma ShekharNovember 12, 2022 at 10:52 amReply

This Decade / Century is Indian century.
Ancient India being Greatest Contributer to Modern Scientific advancement , most of the credit stolen by the West.
Now it is evident, without Indian Contribution modern Research would not been possible.

India/ Bharath deserves credit at international Forum and should demand / Command Due respect and credit for all the ancient and present contributions.

SOMA SHEKHARJanuary 6, 2024 at 6:10 amReply

Jai Sri Ram. 🙏💐🇮🇳🇨🇦
Under Sri. Narendra Modi’s Leadership, Indian / Bharathua , Sanathan Civilization has been – Revived and India Claim – Its lost Glory.
Sri. Ram Temple- is the Revival of Hindu/ Sanathan Dharma, The Universal Law / Dharma.
Chandrayan, Aditya L1 Mission, A- 370 , and national Pride.
Salute to our PM.

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