What a feat! India vaccinated 25 million against COVID-19 in 24 hours

18th September 2021 – In an extraordinary feat achieved by the Government of India, it administered over 25 million COVID-19 vaccinations in a single day. India has broken its own world record in the number of vaccinations in a span of 24 hours. This total is equal to the total population of Australia, two-third population of Canada and five times the population of New Zealand.

As the nation celebrated the 71st birthday of PM Narendra Modi, he congratulated the front-line workers including doctors, innovators, administrators, nurses, healthcare who toiled to make vaccination drive a success.









As of now, over 77 million people in India have had their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination. Over 19 million people in the country are fully vaccinated with having received both the regulated doses. Indian pharma industry is at the center-stage of the world and leading the fight against the pandemic from the front. However, given the total population of India, the task of completing both the doses for its eligible population remains yet an uphill task.

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