Church in Minnesota opposes construction of Hindu Temple; writes Hinduphobic letter to community

18th September 2021 – A church in the US has written a letter to the general public in Minnesota against the construction of a Hindu temple. Calling Hinduism a false religion, it states that neither the God nor its followers want false religion in the community.

Background: There is a property for sale in Downtown Hamel at 1400 Hamel Road. With 20 acres in size, this property is a horse farm. The potential buyers for this property are BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Temple which is located at 2300 Freeway Boulevard, Brooklyn Center in Minnesota.

Quoting verses from the Bible, the letter calls Hindu gods as false gods. It has asked people in the community to oppose the construction of Hindu temple as ‘opposing a false religion is not a cultural prejudice’. The letter reads that ‘Hindu Gods will not bring prosperity and such temples do not impress the real God’. The letter has also called other churches as ‘crooked’ who seem to promote inclusiveness with other religious communities.

After the anti-Hindu conference which was held past weekend, the Hinduphobic activities are seeing a rise in the US and Canada. As a racial slur, Hindus are called ‘dotheads’ and after the conference, posters such as the below appeared on the roads in the US. Locally, in Canada, a Hindu family was attacked in Mississauga while the family was performing religious rituals.

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