Paying High Auto Insurance In Brampton? City Seeks Fair Deal From The Province

27th June 2021 – If you drive a car in Brampton, you must be aware of the high rates of auto-insurance in the City. You are probably seeing a yearly increase in the insurance rates despite your no-claim status from the past year. One of the reasons which insurance companies give you is your postal code.

Now, the City of Brampton is asking for a fair deal for auto insurance for Brampton drivers. Keeping in mind that auto-insurance makes a big hole in monthly budgets of Brampton families and the fact that Brampton drivers pay 123% higher costs than the province’s average, the City is requesting the Province of Ontario to expedite the auto-insurance rates reform in Ontario. In 2019, Bill 42 was introduced to Provincial Parliament to prohibit insurance companies from using postal codes as primary factor in setting insurance rates.

An online petition in this regard could be signed by the residents –

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