City of Brampton releases guidelines to use fireworks on Canada Day

26th June 2021 – It is once again the time of the year when you are allowed to use short-range fireworks on your property. Yes, Canada Day is approaching and the City of Brampton has issued its advisory on the usage of fireworks on Canada Day. Apart from Canada Day, one may use short-range fireworks without permit on private property on Diwali, Victoria Day and New Year’s Eve.

With loosened COVID-19 restrictions, it is still advisable for the residents to follow the health guidelines while celebrating outside with friends and family. Don’t let the mask down and keep social distancing! That is yet the key to be safe and secure.

While using the fireworks at your property, please keep the below in mind: –

  • Have buckets of water or hose pipe ready nearby
  • Don’t lit fireworks in your hands
  • Don’t direct fireworks at others

The City has also informed that there are no registered fireworks retailers in Brampton. However, they could be bought from licensed retailers. For more details, please visit –

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