Is religious intolerance on the rise in Canada? London attack indicates so

7th June 2021 – Today’s hit and run case in London, Ontario in which 4 members of a Muslim family have died is being alleged as a hate crime. The area police’s initial investigation suspects that the attack on the family, in which a 9-year-old boy is the lone survivor, could be pre-meditated. It is being doubted that the family was attacked because of their faith. Although, the initial investigation by the police also states that the accused and the victims had no relation with each other. In essence, Canada comes out clean in its record of welcoming immigrants from various parts of the globe and the Canadian government has taken sufficient steps to help the newcomers settle down. Nevertheless, there is a need for the government and the civil society to ensure that different ethnic groups collaborate with each other for the common goal, that is, a better Canada. In the recent past, religious and racial hate crimes in Canada are on the rise. As per a story published in Radio Canada International, over 1,100 attacks were reported online against the Asian-Canadian community in the first year of COVID-19. NDP leader Jagmeet Singh had urged the Trudeau government to take stronger steps to fight anti-Asian hate during the time. The recent conflict between Israel and Palestine in the Middle-East led to a series of conflict between the two communities locally in various parts of Canada. Incidents of both Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia were noted. Similarly, a car rally in February this year in which the Indian community was celebrating the Indo-Canadian friendship was attacked and the Hindus were attacked with racial slurs Canada must not tolerate anyone, who targets other fellow citizens and is motivated by hate, on the basis of color, ethnicity, race, sexual preferences, religion, etc. Please share this story with the below hashtags- #SayNoToIslamphobia #SayNoToAntiSemitism #SayNoToHinduphobia #SayNoToXenophobia
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