Afghan-Canadian community demands more action from Canadian government on the Afghanistan situation

18th August 2021 – Past Sunday, on 15th August, hundreds of Afghan-Canadian community members gathered at the Mississauga Celebration Square to protest against terrorism and show their solidarity with their brothers and sisters in Afghanistan.

After Taliban has taken over all the major cities, including the capital city Kabul, in Afghanistan, the nation has turned into a human rights disaster. With sudden exit of U.S. military forces and fall of the democratic set-up in the country, the Taliban is now in control of the political and societal set-up in the country.

HTC spoke to organizer of the protest Maihan Sarwary, member of the Afghan Youth Movement of Canada. He said, “Bombings, crimes against humanity and innocent citizens have been affected negatively from the grasp of the Taliban. How much more families have to suffer? How much more citizens must be displaced? How much more people shall be disrespected in a country they call home?”

The organizers of the agitation have appealed to the Canadian government to do more to assist Afghan families who are now suffering because of this political turmoil back home. They demanded to put more pressure on Pakistan to stop its terrorist activities. The agitators were evidently angry at the sudden exit done by the U.S. government.

As the world looks on, the Government of India has announced emergency e-Visas for Afghans without any reservations with respect to the religion.

With shocking visuals coming from Afghanistan, the coming days for a common person in the country are going to extremely tough. HTC spoke to members at the protest site and assured that the Indian community in Canada stands in solidarity with Afghanistan in these trying times. HTC also received an official statement from Afghan Youth Movement of Canada.

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