Canada’s COVID Death Toll Went Under-Reported; Number Could be Twice as High

29th June 2021 – In a shocking revelation today, a report published by the Royal Society of Canada stated that Canada’s death tally was reported incorrectly. The number of deaths due to COVID-19 could well be twice as high of the current reported deaths.

The report has found major data gaps in the available data. It states that at least two-thirds of the deaths caused by COVID-19 in communities outside of the long-term care sector may have been missed. This led to the conclusion for the researchers that the actual death toll could be twice of reported.

Most of the unreported deaths happened in low-income, high-density, racialized neighborhoods of essential workers and recent immigrants. The deaths in these communities were not identified as COVID-19 deaths. The RSC report demands an urgent and further investigation to establish the correct death toll in Canada due to the novel coronavirus.

The complete report and executive summary could be accessed at –

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