Australian MP Lauds UP Chief Minister’s Yogi Adityanath’s COVID Response

13th July 2021 – An Australian MP, Craig Kelly, who is a Federal Member for Hughes has applauded UP Chief Minister’s Yogi Adityanath’s COVID-19 response. In a tweet, he taunted his fellow political leaders and ask them to ‘learn from the Indian State of UP and the great leadership of its CM.’ In a humorous tweet later, Kelly asked if Yogi could be loaned to Australia. Nations and states have been sharing best practices with each other to counter this pandemic.

UP has used ‘Ivermectin’ in curing the deadly disease and has managed well to lower the number of deaths in the state. Use of Ivermectin as a potent COVID-19 medicine is still under clinical trial. Kelly has been lobbying passionately towards the use of Ivermectin in Australia.

It is interesting to note that UP has a population of 230 million which about 6 times that of Canada and 3 times that of the UK. India has been battling COVID-19 like the rest of the world and the Government of India came under extreme and unfair criticism from international media when the second wave hit the nation during April-May of this year

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