Book Review: Pakistan or the Partition of India

24th February 2022 – “Pakistan or the Partition of India” was written by Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar who was an astute politician, reformist, jurist and the premier architect of the Indian Constitution. The book was originally published in 1940, but was re-printed in 1945 with more details and author’s own take on the controversial subject.

What would the reader get to know?

This book is one of the finest books written on the subject. The reader can expect a non-partisan and objective analysis of the Hindu-Muslim problem that the un-divided India faced in the 1940s and causes which finally led to the partition of India. The reader would get to know:

  1. Muslim Case for Pakistan
  2. Hindu Case against Pakistan
  3. What if not Pakistan?
  4. Pakistan and the Malaise
  5. Hindu and Muslim Alternative to Pakistan
  6. Must there be Pakistan?
  7. Problems of Pakistan

In his own words, Dr. Ambedkar wrote about this book “It is an analytical presentation of Indian history and Indian politics in their communal aspects….the book is more than a mere treatise on Pakistan.” He continued “I do not claim to have written dispassionately though I trust I have written without prejudice….Whatever points of strength and weakness I have discovered on either side I have brought them boldly forward…..The book has displeased both Hindus as well as Muslims though the reasons for the dislike of the Hindus are different from the reasons for the dislike of the Muslims.  That it is disowned by the Hindus and unowned by the Muslims is to me the best evidence that it has the vices of neither and that from the point of view of independence of thought and fearless presentation of facts the book is not a party production.”

Why should the reader read it in 2022?

Well, this is an obvious question. Is it necessary to go back and understand what led to the division of India? Is it going to change anything now? The answer is yes. It is extremely important to understand history in the right perspective. The common notion is that the British divided India, but it does not tell the complete story. As a student of history or a person with interest in historical events, it is essential to know the factors which have led to where we are today. This historical piece of gem written by Dr. Ambedkar is as much relevant today as it was in the 1940s.

We wish that our readers would be encouraged to read this book. We plan to produce parts of this book as excerpts on our Facebook and Twitter pages in the coming days that would stir reader’s interest towards this book.

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