Who is the Indian connection to the Netflix original ‘Squid Game’?

23rd October 2021 – The Netflix Original ‘Squid Game’, a South-Korean survival drama TV series has gathered lot of world attention. The plot of TV series is intriguing where debt-ridden individuals participate in multiple children’s games to win a whopping 45.6 billion prize money.

But, do you know that ‘Squid Game’ has an Indian connection as well. One of the cast members, Anupam Tripathi, who plays the character of Abdul Ali of Pakistan and participant number 199, hails from India. As per his IMDb bio, he has worked in several South Korean TV series and films. Many of his roles relate to being a migrant worker in Korean society.

The actor moved to Korea in 2010 to study acting. He completed in Master’s degree at the Korea National University of Arts. He got his first major credit in the 2014 Korean blockbuster movie ‘Ode to my Father’ (2014) where he played a man of Sri Lankan origin.

The 32-year-old actor has strong links with his family back in India and enjoys a huge fan-following of over 3.9 million on Instagram (www.instagram.com/sangipaiya).His role in ‘Squid Game’ is winning him much-deserved appreciation and recognition.

While the popular series is gaining huge viewership across the globe, it has brought the South Korean debt-crisis in front of the world. According to the Bank of Korea, the 4th largest Asian economy reached a debt of $ 1.5 trillion this year in March which was up by 9% from last year. On the other hand, given the kind of violence which has been exhibited in this TV series, it has become a matter of serious concerns for parents, schools and authorities to keep them away from watching it. Last week, some schools in Quebec, Canada have warned parents of kids copying ‘Squid Game’.

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