Plight continues for Kashmiri civilians as they become target of multiple terror acts

11th October 2021 – The controversial Articles 370 and 35A were abrogated in August 2019, but the latest terror attacks on citizens of Kashmir show that the situation on ground is far from normal.

On 5th October, the United Liberation Front (ULF) undertook 3 separate terror attacks in North and Central Kashmir. In one of the attacks, they assassinated Makhan Lal Bindroo, who ran a reputable pharmacy in Kashmir. As a philanthropist, he was known in the society for running many charitable events. In the second attack, the terrorists killed a street vendor named Virender Paswan, who hailed from Bhagalpur, Bihar. ULF also killed a local taxi driver from Bandipora, named Mohd. Shafi Lone.









In a yet another targeted and deadly attack, the terrorists have killed a school principal and teacher. The attackers first checked the identity cards of the teachers and then isolated 46-year-old Sikh woman Supinder Kaur and a local Hindu teacher Deepak Chand before shooting them dead on the school premises.

In a threatening letter to the civilians, the Resistance Front warned that anyone supporting the local authorities would not be spared. They asked the local citizens to ‘restrain from using CCTV cameras at houses or shops’.









Despite these fatal attacks, the spirits of Kashmiri Hindus are not dampening. The daughter of the slain pharmacist, Dr. Smriddhi Bindroo dared the terrorists to face her. She said that her father will never die. They have killed the body but not the spirit. (see the complete video here)

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