Pierre Poilievre’s rally in Brampton cancelled due to medical emergency at rally site

26th March 2022 – A fully-packed hall today at the Pearson Convention Center in Brampton was to meet and greet Pierre Poilievre in one of his first rallies in Brampton since his announcement for the top position of the PC leadership.

However, due a medical emergency at the rally site, the event was cancelled. A man in his 50s had to be hospitalized in a critical, life-threatening condition. The EMR team reached the site around 10:15 A.M.

Pierre appeared for a brief moment in front of his supporters and requested everyone to observe few moments of silence for the well-being of the man. He told his supporters that the rally would re-convened later. He was joined by the former PC leader Andrew Scheer and other MPs.

It was an important rally also for the fact that it was on the home turf of his rival, Patrick Brown. Mayor Brown had announced his bid for the leadership position about 2 weeks back.

The event was hosted by the Hindu Community of Canada.

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