Make Kanishka Bombing Part of Ontario School Curriculum, demands Hindu Forum Canada

24th June 2021 – Yesterday, Canada mourned the death of 329 innocent Canadian lives who were killed in an Air India bombing which took place on 23rd June 1985 and remembered the pain and sufferings of the deceased. It has been 36 years now since the biggest terror act on the Canadian soil. The perpetrators of the crime planned and executed the terrorism act in Canada and the investigation is still un-finished.  On the occasion, a not-for-profit organization based of Mississauga, Hindu Forum Canada (HFC), is now demanding that this tragedy should be made part of the Canadian school curriculum. In a carefully yet stern worded letter, the President of HFC, Mr. Rao Yendamuri has written to Ontario Premier Doug Ford and has demanded the inclusion of Air India Bombing as part of the Ontario school curriculum. The group has released the letter on their social media accounts and is receiving support from all sections of the society. The letter quoted “Air India bombing is ‘Not forgotten, Not foreign, But ours.’” Some groups in Canada are also of the opinion that the tragedy has not received enough media and social attention since most of people who got killed were of South Asian descent. One of them asked on Twitter “I wonder if the response would have been same if the flight was Air Canada and the victims were white people.” Prime Minister Trudeau’s office released an official statement on the National Day of Remembrance Many other leaders including Doug Ford, Maxime Bernier and Erin O’Toole tweeted about the tragedy.
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