Include Hinduism early in school curriculum’ – demands Alberta based Hindu Society

17th June 2021 – Red Deer based Hindu Cultural Society of Central Alberta (HCSCA) has demanded that Hinduism should be included early in the school curriculum in the province of Alberta. Why? The reason is simple and straight-forward. In the school curriculum, other major religions of the world such as Christianity, Islam and Judaism are introduced to students in Grade 2 whereas Hinduism is taught only when the students get to Grade 6. 

Hinduism is world’s 3rd largest religion and its contribution to the humanity is immense. Like many other nations, Canada has a strong, vibrant and peaceful Hindu community which is estimated to be over 700,000. Hindus all over Canada are serving for the betterment of the Canadian community. They hold considerable positions in politics, economy, academia, media, medicine, law, real estate and help the economy with their businesses and charitable organizations.

HCSCA is taking their message to the local political leaders and have written to Alberta’s Education Minister Adriana LaGrange as well. A series of negotiation is likely to happen in coming days between various Hindu groups in Alberta including HCSCA and the government on this matter. HCSCA spokesperson Dharmesh Goradia says that there might be rallies in Calgary and Edmonton.

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