From ‘Racial Discrimination’ to ‘Economic Exploitation’; Research group exposes USA’s Human Rights Violations

29th May 2022 – “People are entitled to have views about us. We also are entitled to have views about their lobbies and vote banks. We will not be reticent. We also have views on other people’s human rights, particularly when it pertains to our community”. This was a blatant retort by India’s External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar last month while he pushed back at US criticism on India’s human rights situation.

A month later, a New Delhi based research group “Centre for Democracy, Pluralism and Human Rights” (CDPHR) has released a shocking report elaborating severe human rights violation by USA.  The report has left US authorities embarrassed as it exposes the hypocrisy of its administration and so-called rights groups whose sole objective is to create a one-sided narrative and hide its own failures.

Key findings of the report included:

Racial Discrimination – The report concluded that “Racism is deeply entrenched in the system”. Provisions in the constitution of states of California and New York have racist provisions which deny housing and disfranchise Native Americans.

Racism is rampant in the judicial system and is institutionalized in political parties. The representation of Blacks and other minorities in media and academia is widely evident. Blacks are amongst the poorer section of the society and Black women have the highest abortion rate. Many pastors of Black churches are controlled by Whites.

Religious Discrimination – This is very prevalent but is often less talked about, especially in the mainstream media. Non-Abrahamic religions such as Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains face systemic discrimination where politicians are found attacking their holy symbols, particularly Swastika. Zoning laws are used to discourage them to build their temples of worship.

School students are asked to learn the Biblical events as historical events whereas Hinduism gets a hostile treatment and Hindu beliefs are often ridiculed. American universities single out Hinduism and propagate hate and mis-information about Hindu customs, traditions and beliefs.

Discrimination against Native Americans and other indigenous communities

Despite struggle of decades the indigenous communities still do not have the complete control of the land. It is still administered by the federal government. The rape rate of indigenous women is 2.5 times higher than the national average and the child abuse is double.

Gender Discrimination and Violence

As per the statistics, 1 in every 5 women has been a victim of rape or attempted rape. Almost half of the victims have been assaulted by their acquaintances. Several big names including politicians and President of the nation have appeared in sexual exploitation.

Meddling in international affairs and creating humanitarian crisis

As per the reports published by Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs, the war in Iraq led to 9.2 million being displaced, 5.9 million in Afghanistan, 4.3 million in Somalia, 4.6 million in Yemen and 7.1 million in Syria. Through its foreign policy, the US aims to control resources and politics of the world. It uses persuasion, force and strife to achieve this.

Curb of Freedom of Speech and Free Press Rights

As soon as the news came out of a possible Twitter buy out by Elon Musk, the US formed a Disinformation Governance Board. From 2001-2010, more than 250,00 Wikileaks revealed aspects of US Diplomacy and policy work. The Obama administration abused its power to control his political opponents.

COVID-19 Mismanagement and Discrimination

Coronavirus pandemic impacted Blacks and Hispanics disproportionately. Hispanics are 18% of the population, but shared 24% of the total deaths due to pandemic. Blacks make 13% of the population, but made 14% of the fatalities due to pandemic.

The detailed report, its findings and recommendations can be read here.

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