Everyone uses hacks to make life simpler, but what is a hack?

16th June 2022 – “Simple hacks to draw beautifully”, “Must-know hacks to learn Java”, “Good to know hacks to make jaw dropping Insta stories”. You type these words in a simple internet search and the World Wide Web would throw thousands of articles, images and even related videos.

One meaning of the word ‘hack’ refers to accessing someone’s computer without an authorized access. But, this is not what we are referring to in this article. The word ‘hack’ literally means an author or journalist producing dull work, someone who does dull routine work. This connotation of the word ‘hack’ has an interesting history and this is what we are going to tell you in this article.

In East London, England there is a borough named as ‘Hackney’. Back in the days, when the district was much less developed and covered only the outskirts of the nearby town, ‘Hackney’ as a village was well-known for raising horses.

Mostly, these horses were neither meant for races or shows or wars. They were cheap and regular horses for cheap clients, mostly to draw carriages or doing simpler work for the masters.

This is how the London cabbies got their nickname from: hacks. Essentially, it refers to not a professional, but an amateur.

Hack is something which you might need. But you do not want to be one, do you?

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