Ambika Yoga Kutir celebrated 25 years of serving Yoga programs in Toronto

Authored by Ashish Kemkar

18th October 2022 – Ambika Yoga Kutir Toronto (AYKT) celebrated its Silver Jubilee anniversary last Saturday at Sringeri Vidya Bharati Foundation Etobicoke. Honored guests at the event were India’s Consul General in Toronto Smt. Apoorva Srivastava and the Chairman-cum-Trustee of Srinegri Vidya Bharati Foundation Dr V.I. Lakshmanan.

Ambika Yoga Kutir was founded by Parampujya Hathayogi Shri Nikam Guruji, in the city of Thane, India. Established in 1965, its Vision statement reads: Towards a healthier and peaceful world through yoga. Right since inception they have offered high quality FREE Yoga courses.

AYKT was started by Suresh & Saroj Shukla in 1996. The Shuklas were fortunate to learn Yoga firsthand from Nikam Guruji in India before coming to Canada. The goal of Shri Ambika Yoga Kutir Toronto is to spread knowledge of the ancient Indian practice of Hathayoga to as many people as possible in order to help them derive health and lifestyle benefits.

These Yoga courses are FREE! The beginners’ course is 16-weeks in duration. The course is essentially the same as the one conducted in India and which was designed and taught by Shri Nikam Guruji. Today, over 3000 saadhaks (students) have been trained in Toronto area.

I was able to get few minutes with Suresh Shukla, amidst a throng of well wishers lining up to talk to him.

Ashish Kemkar – Congratulations on the Silver Jubilee of Ambika Yoga Kutir Toronto! How does it feel to reach the commendable milestone?
Suresh Shukla – It’s a great feeling. Satisfied that AYKT journey has been very successful. It has been a pleasure.


AK – AYKT has a truly commendable model. There are no fees for attending and learning the Yoga practices. Will this ‘no-fee’ approach continue?
SS- Absolutely, Yoga courses will always remain free. Money creates a barrier in bringing the Sevaks and Sadhaks together, so there will never be any fees.


AK – Diabetes is a growing problem in many communities in Canada. Can AYKT help and how?
SS – AYKT has organized multiple workshops on preventing and even reversing Diabetes. We have also regularly organized Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) sessions. Additionally, we also have ongoing Surya Namaskar practice sessions thrice a week. So a lot support and advice is available.


AK – Many adults, even teenagers and children have been experiencing stress and mental illnesses including depression. Your thoughts
SS – Yoga is a holistic and complete practice. It extends beyond body postures (asanas). Yoga enables bonding between family members, thus leading to healthy communities and society. While medication is required in some cases, there are side effects and do not cure all problem. Yoga can prevent illnesses from occurring.


On completing this short and insightful interview, it was my opportunity to savor the delicious refreshments and mingle with fellow Sadhaks. Anyone interested in knowing more about this FREE transformational Yoga program, please visit

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