This Sanskrit movie has shows sold out in California and has Canada connection as well

15th May 2022 – For all Sanskrit lovers and enthusiasts, this is coming out as a very pleasant surprise. A movie named, Ekachakram, which premiered early this year has sold-out most shows at Cine Lounge Fremont in California for the upcoming weekend. The movie would be shown with English sub-titles for non-Sanskrit speakers.

This movie is based on the literary work by Vidwan N Ranganatha Sharma. The original play depicts series of incidents between Bheema and Bakasura during the Dwapara Yuga. The plot revolves around how Bheema destroyed the demon Bakasura. The movie attempts to bring the message of the play in the contemporary world. It is interesting to see how many similarities are there in the mindset despite several Yugas have gone by.

The other salient feature of the movie is that the musician is from Canada. Dr. Deepak Paramashivan, a resident of Edmonton, Canada, is a scientist turned ethnomusicologist, composer, teacher and an actor. He is a leading authority on Sarangi, Mysore style of Veena and Kannada Theater with a performance career spanning over three decades. He completed his second PhD in ethnomusicology at the University of Alberta under the supervision of renowned ethnomusicologists Prof. Michael Frishkopf, Prof. Regula Qureshi and Dr. Julia Byl. He has also acted in the movie.

It can be confidently said that the Vedic language has stirred up interests of the scholarly and commoners not just in India, but also in the West. Sanskrit is one of the official languages in India. Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh  ind India have Sanskrit as the second official language of the state. It is taught in over 17 universities within India.

You can watch the trailer here Inputs from Milaap.

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