Stop Equating Swastika to the Nazi Symbol

It is a common mistake which some sections of the media make when they equate the ancient Hindu insignia of “Swastika” to the notorious Nazi symbol from Adolf Hitler’s era. Some make this mistake unknowingly, but some do it intentionally. Those who are doing this intentionally are doing it as per a perverted agenda against the Hindus. 

Let’s look at how Swastika is made. It is a known fact that Dhruv Taara or the North Star does not change its position. The Saptarishi constellation or Ursa Major Constellation is in form of question mark. Year around, this constellation looks differently from earth during different season. It is the scientific brilliance of our ancient sages who were able to figure this out when the scientific knowledge in other parts of the world was near non-existing. 

Now, let’s learn about the Nazi symbol. In German, it is called as ‘Hakenkreuz’ which means a ‘hooked cross’. It is highly unfortunate that the pious Hindu symbol has been mis-understood till date as the Nazi symbol. 

Things which Hindus must do: –

  1. Learn more about this topic;
  2. Share this information with others;
  3. Own the Swastika symbol and use it during festivals;
  4. Talk about it to your children and tell them its significance

We are sharing some articles from external media for your reference below.

  1. How the world loved Swastika until Hitler Stole It – BBC News  (
  2. How the Nazis twisted the Swastika into a symbol of hate – The Conversation (
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