Noted author and columnist Tarek Fatah cremated in Toronto

27th April 2023 – Earlier today, Tarek Fatah was cremated in Toronto. The private ceremony was attended by his very closest family and friends.

In a tweet, his daughter, Natasha Fatah, informed the Twitter family about the cremation ceremony.

Well-known women’s rights activist Sonam Mahajan wrote on Twitter “The Islamists who didn’t want him buried, I must tell you he chose to not go as one of you, lived as a Sanatani, died as one.”

TAG TV producer, Tahir Aslam Gora wrote “As a friend, I knew #TarekFatah’s wishes in terms of being cremated as his final flight from this planet.”

Tarek Fatah was a noted author, columnist, seasoned journalist and champion of freedom of speech and human rights. He was an extremely loved personality in India and his speeches were very widely heard.

Born in Karachi, Pakistan in 1949 Fatah entered journalism in the early 1970s and had to flee his home country after he was wrongly charged with sedition and barred from journalism by the then Pakistani government.

He came to Canada in 1987 and got involved in local journalism. He was a regular columnist at Toronto Sun since 2012.

He asserted: “I am an Indian born in Pakistan, a Punjabi born in Islam; an immigrant in Canada with a Muslim consciousness, grounded in a Marxist youth. I am one of Salman Rushdie’s many Midnight’s Children: we were snatched from the cradle of a great civilization and made permanent refugees, sent in search of an oasis that turned out to be a mirage.

He left his mortal body for heavenly abode on 24th April 2023 and has left behind a huge legacy of truthful and fearless journalism standards.

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