Here’s what you can do to keep your bike safe from being stolen this summer

9th May 2022 – It is that time of the year when bicycle riders have the most fun in the whole year. The weather is already warm or at least warm enough to hop on to your bicycle and enjoy the ride. It is so much fun; the cool breeze that hits you each time you go for a ride or the sweat which one gets after cycling hard down the multi-use trails near your neighborhood.

But, it is equally merry time for the bike thieves. Police reports show that the bike thefts increase during the summer time. To be honest, the reason is obvious. The more you are out with your bike; the more are your chances of making the mistakes.

In order to prevent from bike for being stolen, here are some of the Do’s and Don’t’s direct from the horse’s mouth a.k.a. known as Police in this case.

Do’s Don’t’s
Keep your bike in a visible, well-lit high-traffic area Don’t lock your bike to objects that can be easily cut
Use secure parking facilities (bike shelters or indoor bike parking) Don’t lock your bike to someone else’s bike
Lock both wheels and the frame to the rack Don’t lock your bike in the same place all the time
Choose a strong lock and combine two different types of locks Don’t place your lock near the ground where thieves can crush it


There is one other thing which you can to do help yourself. Register your bike!

Yes, registering your bike with the local police can greatly increase the chances of your bike getting recovered in the unfortunate event of it being lost or stolen.

If you are in Peel, you can register your bike with Peel Regional Police here. If you are in Toronto, please visit here.

Lastly, as a fun fact, the Region of Peel has over 1,300 kilometers of trails for cycling, walking/hiking and rollerblading.

Happy Riding!

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